This is a Bootstrap-based Ghost theme made for the very popular and brand-new publishing platform.

This theme has several very special features which make it unique in the Ghost Marketplace.

Homepage Slideshow

The Homepage slideshow is generated by a single content item with the images added to the content of the page.

<img class="slideshow" src="yourimage.jpg" />

Additionally you can add a caption to the slideshow by using the alt attribute

<img alt="Caption for the image" ... />

This means you can easily display a Bootstrap slideshow on your page.

Dynamic Top Menu

No longer do you need to edit a static file to create a top menu. Creating a top menu in your Ghost theme is as easy as adding the url's to the description of your blog.

Don't worry though, your description and meta description will have the links parsed out before displaying them.

This means you can now link directly to specific pages from a top menu and easily update them whenever you need

Bootstrap Styles

This theme includes all Bootstrap 3 styles and layouts as well as the FontAwesome library to allow you the most flexibility in your layouts and text/icon usage.